Brian Kimmel

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    • Brian Kimmel, mortgage banker
      Brian Kimmel with AMIC was great to work with on our recent refinance. With the Coronavirus outbreak, we realized mortgage rates had plummeted, and we could better our financial situation by refinancing. We were able to refinance from a 30-year conventional to a 25-year conventional, with only a slight increase in our monthly payment. Brian guided us through our different options. He was very clear and helpful. He was always easy to reach by text, phone, and email. The whole process went really quickly and smoothly. Brian went to bat for us anytime there were hiccups along the way. We were able to get through the entire process, starting with his initial proposals, all the way to closing, in under 30 days. We shaved off 4 1/2 years of mortgage payments by going to a 25-year, and got a 2-month break before the new mortgage begins. This helps not only with our long-term financial goals, but also our short-term finances. We hope to work with Brian again a few years down the road to refinance to a 10 or 15-year mortgage. Thank you Brian, and AMIC!
      Brittany S.