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    • Dan Henry, loan officer
      Due to an immediate work relocation we were stuck with the impossible task of buying a house in Alabama while we were still located in Alaska. Dan Henry made this the smoothest transition we have ever made! He went above and beyond to get us the best rate possible. He communicated every detail and accommodated every need we had. He new the names of our children and asked after them often. Our experience was so wonderful that we used him again to refinance! Dan's superior customer service makes you feel like you are working family and not a loan officer!
      Amanda R.
    • Dan Henry, loan officer
      Dan Henry at is a wonderful loan officer. It was our first time buying a house and we felt very secure in trusting Dan. We were able to use our VA loan which Dan has recommended experience in as well. He also informed us of the opportunity to refinance our loan for a better interest rate. He is very punctual and genuine. We would highly recommend him and Advanced Mortgage & Investment Co. Great work!
      Sara-Jane & Jeremy N.
    • Dan Henry, loan officer
      Dan Henry with AMIC is simply amazing to work with!!! He is the best communicator, in my opinion, in the Mortgage industry. He never leaves you hanging or wondering what is going on with a particular loan because he is always one step ahead. He is very dedicated to his work, making sure everything moves quickly and easily. All my clients that have chosen Dan Henry, have been amazed by his service and professionalism! I highly, highly recommend Dan!!!!
      Amanda M.
    • Dan Henry, loan officer
      Working with Dan Henry has been a pleasure. He loves to smile. His knowledge of the mortgage business is impressive. If I call or text he responds quickly. He is also a veteran who does an awesome job on FHA, Conventional and VA loans.
      John M.