Purchasing A Home

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, or are purchasing a new or second home, we have an assortment of tools and loan programs to meet your individual financing needs. We will guarantee you the best loan with the personal service you just can't find at the "big" banks.

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How Much House Can You Afford?

Many sites offer generic mortgage calculators designed to estimate how much you can afford to spend on a home. You won't find any mortgage "guesstimators" on our site because we prefer to speak with you one-on-one. The truth is, purchasing a house is a complex financial process and is dependent on so many variables that there's just no way a simple online calculator can offer real answers.

We'll review your information, answer questions, and offer real advice and real answers. We'll also get you pre-approved for financing, which will simplify the purchase process and can put you ahead of other buyers who may be interested in the same property.

Owning your own home can provide many benefits. In addition to the satisfaction of being a homeowner, you can build equity, enjoy tax deductions*, and take control of your personal living environment.

You'll find negotiating the purchase of your new home much easier if you are pre-approved for financing. Pre-approval assures sellers of your viability and establishes your purchasing power. Apply Now to get pre-approved today.

*Contact your tax advisor to confirm tax deductibility of any loan.

Which Loan is best for You?

To help determine the best loan program for you, consider the following:

How important is payment certainty?

If knowing that your payment will be the same every month is important, consider a fixed-rate mortgage.


How important is rapid equity buildup?

If rapid equity buildup is a factor, consider a shorter term, such as a 15-year, fixed-rate mortgage.


How important is it to have the lowest payment possible?

Going from a 15 or 20 year term to a 30 year term may substantially reduce your payment. You should also consider an adjustable rate mortgage if you plan to be in your home 10 years or less.

Loan Programs

We have highlighted the most common loan programs below. The characteristics and benefits of each loan program are unique, so give us a call and we'll gladly go over the details and help you decide which program will best fit your goals.

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  • Alexis Lyles Loan Officer
    Advance Mortgage is a great company to work with. I have used them twice. Alexis Lyles is a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, hardworking, and all-around just an awesome person. Alexis made this experience my best ever! Thank you!
    Cassandra D.
  • Dan Henry, loan officer
    Due to an immediate work relocation we were stuck with the impossible task of buying a house in Alabama while we were still located in Alaska. Dan Henry made this the smoothest transition we have ever made! He went above and beyond to get us the best rate possible. He communicated every detail and accommodated every need we had. He new the names of our children and asked after them often. Our experience was so wonderful that we used him again to refinance! Dan's superior customer service makes you feel like you are working family and not a loan officer!
    Amanda R.
  • David Edwards, loan officer
    David Edwards is a consummate professional, he is knowledgeable of his field and extremely courteous and patient with buyers. I will be using his services again for my clients, and I highly recommend him to others who are in the market of purchasing, or refinancing their homes.
    Jessica J.
  • David Edwards, loan officer
    David [Edwards] was a godsend on our recent home purchase. He kept us up to date on the changing rates, made sure we were informed and protected, and made the whole process seem like a breeze. I highly recommend him.
    April C.
  • Dan Henry, loan officer
    Dan Henry at is a wonderful loan officer. It was our first time buying a house and we felt very secure in trusting Dan. We were able to use our VA loan which Dan has recommended experience in as well. He also informed us of the opportunity to refinance our loan for a better interest rate. He is very punctual and genuine. We would highly recommend him and Advanced Mortgage & Investment Co. Great work!
    Sara-Jane & Jeremy N.
  • AMIC has been amazing during the entire loan process from beginning to end. I contacted one of the big banks first but found AMIC before making my final decision and their personal touch and constant communication was what won me over!